Tired of feeling Unknown?

Learn how to build a strong online presence and how to monetize it.
Stop chasing. Start winning business from LinkedIn without burning out or sending 100 DMs per day.

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Are you an Entrepreneur or B2B Founder?

If you’re struggling to share your voice online and get clients inbound, you’re not alone!

If you are:

Bringing excellent client results and have a proven successful offer but you don't have enough brand awareness online

Leading a team in the B2B landscape but your expertise and influence are not reflected on your profile and online presence

Already posting online but not consistently and getting little no results

It’s disheartening and exhausting.
But growing your business on social media doesn’t need to be THAT hard.

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What if instead you could be seen and share your voice confidently online?

What if you had systems in place that makes you post consistently without burning out?

What if you could build leverage and have more career choices?

Here’s where I come in.

With extensive experience with social media companies like Facebook and Pinterest and my own journey as a LinkedIn content creator I helped leaders like you establish their influence and align their marketing strategy.

What my students have achieved

"A complete makeover"

Debbie is an absolute expert on LinkedIn and her background in teaching as well as her vast knowledge in marketing and sales make it very easy to follow her lively examples and explanations.

I was lucky to grab her workbook first, which was a great starting point for me and I liked it so much that I booked individual coaching sessions to bring this powerful knowledge into my profile.

I cannot recommend her enough!

Patrick Grossman
Founder, Coach

"I arrived at the clarity I need to move in the right direction to achieve my goals and build the authority I strive for"

Before working with Debora, my LinkedIn strategy was all over the place.

She not only asks the right questions but also shares the notes and actionable steps and resources I can use to put everything into practice.

Highly recommended to those looking to grow and monetize their personal brand.

Gabe Marusca
Strategist, Founder

"I moved from 300$ to making over 5,000$ per month from LinkedIn in less than 6 months"

I’ve learned a great deal of strategy from Debora, perceiving her as an “attitude coach.” By tapping into the minds of clients, Debora knows how to treat marketing and sales as one structure, and the lessons I’ve learned from her will serve me in my future writing and business management.

Ophir Tal

"Her patience, persistence, and meticulous approach guarantee results that will exceed your expectations.

Debbie carefully listened to my business goals and thoroughly discussed my requirements and the plan of action.

Her dedication to making sure I completed everything on time was impressive, especially considering my tight deadline.

Dinesh Gurupur
Director, CEO

What is covered

Hire an experienced consultant & coach to build your content strategy with:

No hiring costs
No employee costs
No long term commitment
Module 1: Foundations

Introduction to personal branding

Develop the right mindset to grow 

Overcome the fear of judgement and rejection

Gain clarity about your objectives 

Gain clarity about audience 

Identify your content pillars

Get the foundations to be set up for success

Module 2: Profile

How to build a killer profile 

How to use Social proof properly 

How to get alignment

How to get and structure recommendations 

How to turn your followers into engaged fans into buyers 

Have a brand-new impressive LinkedIn Profile without lifting a finger

Module 3: Network & Time management

How I hit 30K followers in less than 10 months: Top tips  

How to use storytelling to build a tribe

How to engage and network effectively

How to grow your followers organically without cheating

How to save time and be more efficient  

Learn how to use LinkedIn effectively and attract the RIGHT people

Module 4: Content Essentials

How to do inbound marketing effectively

What to write about

How to analyse your content 

How to never run out of ideas 

7 Frameworks to keep your content on brand

Post content that attracts and converts your ideal audience

Module 5: Copywriting & Storytelling

How to stay consistent 

Copywriting essentials 

Writing on social media 

Understand the algorithm 

How to structure a post 

How to write engaging stories

Formats to use 

Viral Hooks 

Content Calendar

Sell your offer effortlessly using storytelling

Module 6: Social Selling

How to do outreach properly 

How to turn competitors into allies

How to sell without sounding salesy 

Sales Strategies

DM outbounds

Monetization options

Convert followers to paying clients

Retainer Programs

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Full LinkedIn Profile Makeover 
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Professional banner & featured section
Personalised strategy power sessions personally with Debbie (3 x month)
Inbound Marketing Strategy
Frameworks, Prompts, Hooks every week
Live and asyncronized content feedback
Tools and systems to make your processes more efficient
Copywriting and storytelling playbooks and lessons 
Accountability + Ongoing chat / Whatsapp support (working hours) 

- Carousel templates included
- Step-by-step guide on how to create pdf on Canva
- One-to-one support in-between sessions
- Early access and discounts on digital products
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Everything included in Accelerate
Additional online resources
Daily Targeted Engagement (week days)
Ghostwriting services including 12 posts Done for You per month
Done For You Video Content


- One-to-one support in-between sessions
- Early access and discounts on digital products
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Frequently asked questions

How much is the investment?

The retainer programs start from 2.7K Euros per month (minimum commitment: 4 months). The final quote will depend on the project' specifics.

Not ready yet? Get started with a stand-alone AMA consultation. Book it here

Why shouldn’t I work with you?

Two main reasons:
You’re already getting ongoing inbound opportunities, have content that converts and you’re perceived as an authority in your domain also online
- You expect overnight success and are not going to put any effort into your personal brand
Then I am not the right fit for you. We can stay friends tho (; 

How often do we meet if I purchase one of the 1:1 packages?

In this program you're expected to attend one live consultation approx every 10 days, however additional resources will be provided so you'll have more flexibility and can follow through the content at your own pace.

Do you require upfront payments?

Upfront payment is required for the one-off sessions. Both programs are on a retainer basis with a minimum of 4 months. For the packages, the default option is an upfront investment but it's also possible to pay in monthly instalments at the beginning of each month.

Why should I care about my brand?

Your brand can work for or against you. If you are not intentional and strategic about it you:

  • Risk missing out on life-changing opportunities. A strong personal brand can help you stand out in a crowded job market and make you more attractive to potential employers or customers.
  • Risk losing credibility and influence. By not consistently presenting a professional image and sharing valuable insights and content, you may not be seen as a thought leader or trusted source of information, limiting your overall influence.
  • Slow your career advancement. A strong personal brand makes it easier for you to advance within your company or organization. 
  • Make your future rely on a current job or employer. This makes you more vulnerable and you have less leverage during uncertain times, like a recession or layoff seasons.

Building an impactful personal brand helps you build leverage and control over your life.

Why should I listen to you?

Hi, I am Debbie and I am a Personal Branding & Strategic Marketing Strategist. 

Before starting my consulting business I used to work in marketing strategy and sales for Meta (Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp), and later Pinterest, where I helped my clients better define their marketing strategies and develop marketing plans tailored to their business needs and goals to help them grow their business and reduce costs.

You shouldn’t absolutely listen to me, but building online and leveraging my personal brand gave me the tools to live my life on my terms and get control over my career.